“CFG EXCLUSIVE” pieces are all made from reclaimed aged-teak or old teak which is known as “Jati Teak”.

Indonesia is a beautiful country abundant in teak. Teak is a hard timber that is used to build the decking on ships because it survives the best in the extreme weather conditions. This also makes the pieces versatile, as it can be used indoors, making the perfect feature for any room, or outside to create and oriental themed garden.

We refuse to buy furniture from the big manufacturers because unfortunately, even though there are now plantations from which the wood can be farmed, many immoral suppliers still take the wood illegally from the rainforests. At Classic Furniture Gallery you can be sure that you are buying quality, 100% recycled wood that has had all of our devotion poured into it. Some of CFG’s favorite furniture pieces have had past lives as doors, beams, bridges and buildings that maybe up to 200 years old. We have been able to create these timber pieces into a range of original, stylish and individually handcrafted furniture.



  • A large Hardwood from India, Burma, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.
  • Typically golden brown in color.
  • Teak contains an Olio resin which gives it a greasy feel and distinctive odor.
  • Texture of the wood is uneven.
  • Grain of the wood is usually straight.
  • Grain comes to life with oil.
  • Extremely durable for outdoor use, non-porous wood therefore can withstand rain.

Teak is an extremely dense [40lbs per cubic feet when dry] and coarse grained hardwood. The wood contains a high level of silica which causes rapid blunting of cutting edges. It is resistant to rot caused by moisture and fungal decay, and the high level of resinous oil in the timber help to act as a natural insect repellent giving the timber very high resistance to attack by termites and other wood boring insects.

Our furniture pieces are handcrafted, so slight variation in colour and shape will vary from piece to piece making each item quite individual.

Each piece are tested prior to loading in the container and all must fall in no more than 12% moisture level however being a natural product some pieces may get fine lines through them which only adds to the character.



We have taken great measures to ensure our products are checked thoroughly; our staff will do checks during production and upon completion. Each piece is hand polished utilizing a technique used by the East Javanese people for hundreds of years.

When we design each piece we ensure that the there is no substitute in timber in areas like runners of the draws backs of cabinets, backs of draws, this adds long term strength durability to each piece.



Always ensure as part of your sale to advise your customers on after care maintenance of the furniture pieces:

  • Regular teak oiling will be required to ensure the finish and longevity of the piece/s. Due to the nature of solid timber some movements are expected, even to timber that have been aged over time and exposed to all weather. The amount of treatment required will differ due to the location and environment the piece is kept in (eg. direct exposure to sunlight or air-conditioning/heating).
  • For regular maintenance, cleaning with a damp cloth & mild detergent is sufficient (avoid harsh sprays).
  • Every two months to apply a generous coat of bees wax to all surfaces and along draw runners. And then with a clean soft cloth to polish excess off.