Decorate and Restyle your home or office.

JC – Creative design & styling services are extensive and diverse; JC endeavour to assist clients wherever it is possible to suit each individual preferences.  The stylist is available to come to your home, help you define your style, and find you fresh & inspiring ways to make the most of your space. From rethinking a room to designing a bespoke look throughout your home, JC will guide you through everything from furniture, to feature walls, to the accessories that will complete the space. Whilst ensuring your office space or home is inviting and functional, making the space uniquely yours.

Services available to our clients:

  • Interior Decorating– includes furniture, appliances, curtains or blinds, flooring & tiles and wall paints.
  • Property Styling – includes furniture, decoration & arrangement of furnishing and placement of objects.
  • Concept Design – includes sketches of room or garden layout and design.
  • Special Occasion Hiring & Styling – includes hiring of homewares & ornaments, set up and arrangements.
  • Custom Design Furniture & Homewares – includes sketching and conceptual design of furniture, homewares and soft accessories.